On 100 years of cinema - A Quiz on 100 years of Indian Cinema

The Statesman: 8th April 1995

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  1. If ’Satyabadi Raja Harishchandra”is the first Indian feature film ,then which is the first Indian advertisement film?
    Award Anti Malaria Tonic and Joba Kusum Taila.Both were made in 1901 at Calcutta by Hiralal Sen.

  2. Name the first woman artist of Indian cinema?
    Kamalabai Kamat.She played the role of Mohini in Bhamasur,a silent film by Dadasaheb Phalke.Her mother Durgabai also played the role of Parvati in the same film

  3. In 1920,a mining engineer won international fame with a moving poetic film about Eskimos which was also a commercial successes.Name the man and the film.
    Ribert Flaherty in “Nanook of the North.”

  4. In the history of world cinema,why Roosevelt Hotel of Hollywood holds a special place?
    It is because on 16th May 1929,the first Oscar ceremony was held there.

  5. Name the first Bengali talkie.
    Jamai Sasthi(1931).It was a J.F.Madan production.

  6. Name the Indian film which illustrated the present social story
    “Bilet Ferat”(England Return)by Dhiren Ganguly in 1921.

  7. On the 30th December ‘Chitra”cinema was opened in North Calcutta.Who had cut the “ribbon”to open it?
    Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.The present name Chitra is Mitra..

  8. Who said:”I always hated the damn James Bond.I would like to kill him”?
    Sean Connery-the man who used to play the role.

  9. On whose adventure life was the character “Indiana Jones”loosely based?
    Hiram Bingham.

  10. Name the only Hindi film in which Rex Harrison and John Saxon starred?

  11. Name India's first cinema hall to be air-conditioned?
    Regal Cinema in Bombay.

  12. Which film of Bimal Roy is known as “Calcutta,a cruel city”?
    Doi Bigha Zamin.

  13. What is common between “Bhowani Junction”and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”?
    Government of India did not allow the shooting of the film in India.

  14. Shyam Benagal”s film “Junoon”,set against the background of the Sepoy Mutiny was based on a novel.Name the author.
    Ruskin Bond.

  15. What is common amongst K.L.Saigal,Guru Dutt and Amitabh Bachchan?
    Before they took cinema as their profession all of them were employees of different business houses in Calcutta.K.L.Saigal was a sales representative of a famous
    typewriter manufacturing company.Guru Dutt was a telephone operator in Lever Brothers.Amitabh Bachchan was a sales executive in Bird Company.

  16. Who wrote the story of the famous R.K.film “Barsat”?
    Ramanand Sagar.

  17. Name the film in which N.T.Rama Rao made his debut?
    Mana Desam(1949)directed by Prasad.

  18. Once Rabindranath Tagore was so moved by a Rabindra Sangeet number in a Bengali film that he requested the female singer to come to Santiniketan and sing for
    him.Name the female singer and the film.

    Kanan Devi and the film was “Mukti”.

  19. His father was a principal of a college.His fans called him Makkal Thilakam(Darling of people),Puruactchi Thalaivar(Revolutionary Leader)and Vadhiyar(Teacher or Ustaad). He is a Bharat Ratna .Who is he?

  20. Name the Anglo-Indian actress who got the “Dadasheb Phalke Award”in 1974?
    Ruby Myers(Sulochana).

  21. Which film did “Time Magazine”enthusiastically describe as “…perhaps the finest piece of filmed folklore since Robert Flasherty”s “Nanook of the North”?"
    Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray.

  22. Who is the first ever American actor to star in a Kurosawa film?
    Richard Gere

  23. Who designed the statue of Oscar?
    Cedric Gibbons.He did the design on a table-cloth of Biltmore Hotel within five minutes.

  24. The Swedish film “The Srory of Gasta Berling”which launched Greta Garbo into European stardom was based on a work of a Noble laureate.Who was he?
    Selma Lagerlof.

  25. Name the first film of Uttam Kumar?
    Mayador(1946).It was a Hindi film and still not released.

  26. Which director alone won the largest number of Filmfare Awards for Hindi films?
    Bimal Roy

  27. Beside M.Karunanidhi,which Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu wrote screenplays and dialogue?