Between the fine print - A Quiz on India 's Newspapers and Magazines

The Statesman: 16th December1995

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  1. Which English daily of India did not publish the news of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination on it’s front page?
    The Hindu(Madras).in those days only advertisements were published on its front page.

  2. Which Bengali daily made the claim that Rabindranath Tagore was suffering from a Sex disease from a very early age?

  3. When Satyajit Ray was making Sadgati,based on Prem Chandra’s story ,a Hindi daily Of North India criticised him saying’Prem Chandra ki Sadgati ke upar durgati ki
    chaya’.Name the Hindi daily.

    Naba Bharat Times.

  4. Shobha De was once the editor or a Bombay- based film magazine.Which one?

  5. Which was the first colour magazine published in India?
    The Illustrated Weekly Of India(Bombay).

  6. The riot that broke out in Calcutta on 16th August,1946,is often referred to as ‘The great Calcutta killing’.This term was actually taken from a headline of a famous
    English daily.Which newspaper was it taken from?

    The Statesman.

  7. How did the Amrita Bazar Patrika get its name?
    The founders of this newspaper were from a village in East Bengal which was known as ‘Amrita Bazar’.

  8. Which newspaper says about itself;’We sell more because we tell more’?
    The Pioneer.

  9. From which newspaper did famous cartoonist P.K.S.Tully start his career?
    National Herald(New Delhi).

  10. Name the first magazine which was exclusively designed for Indian television watchers(but which has now ceased to exist).
    The Bengali magazine Television(published from 1988 to 1994).

  11. Which Calcutta-based Bengali daily’s logo was designed by Satyajit Ray/

  12. Which is the largest circulated English daily in Assam?
    The Assam Tribune(Guwahali).

  13. During the December 1992 communal riots ,a newspaper in Calcutta printed something that was considered objectionable ,and hence the West Bengal Government was compelled to seize all copies of the daily.Which paper was it??
    The Calcutta-based Urdu daily Azad Hind.

  14. ‘Readers are advised that some of the pictures published in this issue …may cause emotional distress to some,especially-children.’’Why did the Madras-based English magazine Frontline publish this cautionary note in its issue dated June 8-21,1991?
    The issue contained some vivid pictures of the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in gory detail.