A Quiz on Chocolate

The Statesman : 11th March 1999

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  1. Which civilization pioneered the use of chocolate ?
    Mayan Indians in 2000 BC.The word chocolate was actually derived from a Mayan word Xocoatl.

  2. Who has the credit of introducing chocolate in Europe ?
    Christopher Columbus. In 1542 while returning to Spain after his great discovery he brought some cocoa bean.

  3. Why did Sir Francis Drake throw all bags of cocoa beans into the sea after capturing Spanish Gallons ?
    Because his men did not know the use of chocolate.It was still an unknown thing in England.

  4. Which superb product was made in 1875 by Denial Peters & Henry Nestle – two legendary chocolate makers ?
    The first milk chocolate with 50% sugar,35% milk solid & 15% cocoa solids.

  5. In one of the film of Alfred Hitchock we see blood is draining out of shower.In fact chocolate sauce was used there as blood. Which flim was this ?

  6. Most Western countries consume maximum chocolate during Christmas except Australian. When did Australian consume maximum chocolate ?
    In easter.

  7. This chocolate manufacturing company started in 1824 ina small room of Bull street in Birmingham, England. It is now one of the biggest name in the world of chocolate. Name it

  8. For whom Mars Company invented M&M's chocolate in 1940s ?
    For soldiers in Spanish civil war of 1930s.

  9. This Indian political leader is so fond of chocolate that he always keeps a mouthful of chocolate with him – guess !
    L K Advani