College Collage - A Quiz on Calcutta's Educational Institutions

The Statesman: 17th August,1996.

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  1. Name the couple after whom different collages in Calcutta are named?
    Chittaranjan College in Central Calcutta and Basanti Devi College in South Calcutta.

  2. Name the only college in Calcutta where one has to still take off one”s shoes before going into the Principal”s office?
    Sanskrit College.

  3. General Assemblies Institution (1830),Free Church Institution(1843)and Duff College –how are they interrelated?
    These are all former names of Scottish Church College.

  4. Mrs.Leach,noted stage actress and Mr.Stocqueler the then editor of The Englishman established the “Sans Souch House”.After a fatal fire ,the building was sold out to a paltry owner ,Mgr.Crew who used it as a school building for catholic boys.In November 1859 ,this was turned into a college.Name it.
    St. Xavier”s.

  5. In Presidency College,a monument is dedicated to the memory of Ram Ekbal Singh.How was he associated with the college?
    Ram Ekbal Singh was the gatekeeper of Presidency College, who sacrificed his life to save the students from the attack of the riot-mongers in April 1926.

  6. A college in Calcutta began with only one student.Name the college and the student.
    Bethune College and the student was Kadambini Bose.In 1878,she passed the entrance as the only female candidate and since there was no college exclusively for
    girls,Bethune College was literally set up for her to take her M.A.exams in English Honours in 1884.In 1886,she became the first Principal of the college.

  7. Which college in Calcutta stands on the grounds of Shobhabazar Rajbari?
    Seth Anandaram Jaipuria college established in 1945.

  8. Which college in Calcutta was set up to promote education among muslim girls?
    Lady Brabourne College(1939).

  9. What was the former name of Victoria College?
    Female Normal and Adult School(1871)

  10. How was the name of Sir C.V.Raman associated with Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration?
    The college building was earlier used as a Science Centre called Indian Institution of Cultivation for Science ,where Sir C.V.Raman worked on his revolutionary Raman Effect.

  11. The British government once honoured a college student ,Madhusudan Gupta,in Calcutta,by firing canons from Fort William .Why was he honoured thus?
    Madhusudan Gupta was the first Hindu Student of Calcutta Medical College to attend practical classes in Anatomy by ignoring all religious superstitions and constraints.

  12. In 1928,there were some differences between Rabindranath Tagore and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose regarding the celebration of Saraswati Puja in a certain college.Name it.
    City College(North Calcutta).

  13. Name the college whose morning section is named after the mother,the day section after the father and the evening section after the son of a family.
    Ashutosh College in South Calcutta .It”s morning section is called Jogomaya College and evening section Shyamaprasad College.Both Ashutosh and Jogpmaya were Shyamaprasad”s parents.

  14. The former name of this college in Calcutta Training School.Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar became the Principal and changed its name to Metropolitan Institution.In 1928,a commerce department was set up. What is its present name?
    Vidyasagar College.

  15. Who inaugurated City College in 1884?
    Lord Ripon.