Colonial Cousins : A Quiz on Bombay & Calcutta

The Statesman : 8th July 1999

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  1. Name two old hindi films ( both starring Madhubala ) which are named after 2 famous land marks of Calcutta & Bombay
    Howrah Bridge & Gateway of India.

  2. During British period there were three main newspapers controlled & owned by Europeans & those thought to be were against of nationalist movement. One of them was The Pioneer published from Lucknow. Name the other 2 published from Calcutta & Bombay.
    The Statesman of Calcutta & The Times of India of Bombay.

  3. One of Bombay’s most famous road is now named after one of the former mayor of Calcutta. Which road is this & what is it’s new name ?
    Marine Drive is renamed as Netaji Subhash Marg.

  4. If Calcutta is known as city of joy then by what name Bombay is often called for ?
    City of Gold & City of Dream.

  5. Kundanlal Sigal,Guru Dutt & Amitabh Bachan – how will you connect all these Bombay stars to Calcutta ?
    All of them were employed in Calcutta before they made it big in Bombay. K L Saigal was a salesman of typewriter company , Guru Dutta was a telephone operator in Unilever & Amitabh Bachan was a sales executive of a shipping company.

  6. Name 2 hindi dailies which are simultaneously published from Bombay & Calcutta ?
    Jansatta & Dainik Vishwamitra.

  7. If Victoria Memorial is a British Museum in Calcutta what is Victorial Memorial in Bombay ?
    It is a school for blinds.

  8. This Calcutta based company (established in 1901) has dominance in it’s industry for a product which is mainly produced in an industry based at Bombay .Can you identify this company ?
    The Gramophone Company of India Limited now knowns as Saregama.They brand user of HMV in India.

  9. Name a bus stop in Bombay which is named after a Calcutta based company ?
    Calcutta Chemical bus stop. Calcutta Chemical was later on taken over by Shaw Wallace another Calcutta based company.

  10. A Calcuttan was the first president of Congress which held in Bombay in 1885. Next year in 1886 a Bombay citizen was chosen to be the president of Congress which was held in Calcutta. Name them.
    It was U Banerjee who was elected president for Bombay congress while Dada Bhai Nauroji was elected president for Calcutta congress.