Durgotosav Quiz 1998

The Asian Age : September- October 1998

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14th September 1998

  1. Why is the Jai Bhavani temple in Vasi ,New Bombay considered a Durga temple with a difference ?
    This is the only known Durga temple set up & maintained by eunuchs.

  2. Name four ragas of Indian classical music which are named after Durga ?
    Bhairavi, Durga, Gouri & Koushiki.

  3. Durga puja was popularized in Assam by two brothers of Royal families of Baruas.Name them.
    Durga Prasad Barua & Kali Prasad Barua.

  4. The Flowers club of Agartala has set up a record last year ( 1997 ) in this history of Durga puja celebration. What is the record ?
    For several years they are organizing community puja without collecting subscription from common people.

  5. 15th September 1998

  6. A strong public protest in 1980s forced a ban on animal sacrifice in 2 Durga temples of Orissa. Name those 2 temples.
    Chandi Mandir & Sarala Mandir – both are in Cuttack city.

  7. Nearly 750 years ago Chengtufa the king of Tripura introduced the system of mass lunch on the day of Vijaya Dashami. What was the name of this special lunch ?
    Hasam Bhojan.

  8. In 1906 an unique Durga puja took place at 39 Cornwallis street in North Calcutta. What was so unique about the event ?
    Only some weapons were worshipped instead of Durga.This puja was organized some ultra patriots.

  9. Who started celebrating Durga puja in the family in the family of Sarbarna Chowdhury of Barisha ?
    It was started by Laxmi Kanta Gangopadhaya in 1606.

  10. Who established the Mrinmoyee Maa Durga mandir at Vishnupur in the year 997 ?
    Maharaj Jagatmalla

  11. 16th September 1998

  12. Why is the family idol of Ram Narayan Dha decorated with colored hair ribbon ?
    Ramnarayan started Durga puja to overcome the shock of his daughter's untimely death. He used colored hair ribbons to decorate the devi since it reminded him his departed daughter.

  13. Who was the first Bengali to invite an East India Company employee to his family puja ?
    Raja Nabakrishna Deb first invited Lord Clive.

  14. Which special Puja customs is followed in the family puja of Dwarakanath Dutta in north Calcutta ?
    The puja is performed according to Nandikeshwar Puran.

  15. What is so special about Bhandarini Durga puja in Mekhligunj ?
    Here the puja starts from Ekadoshi ( the day after Vijaya Dashami ) & lasts for next 3 days.

  16. 17th September 1998

  17. Why the family idol of Rakhaldas Banerjee of Bongaon is popularly known as “ Beralhati Durga “ ?
    The image of Durga has has ten hands but out of that 2 are of normal size while other 8 are abnormally small.The smaller hands do not hold any weapon.

  18. In Bengal where one can find Bano Durga ?
    Padmati in Jalpaigudi.She has four hands & rides a tiger.

  19. The family idol of Chowdhury in Baksa-Janai mounts an unique animal. Name it ?
    She mounts on a white lion or snow lion.

  20. 18th September 1998

  21. Who started Durgotsav in Ranaghat ?
    Krishna Chandra Pal Chowdhury

  22. Which royal family of Bengal worships a three handed Durga ?
    The Sen family of Somragram Hoogly worships a three handed Durga.Ramchandra Sen dewan of Lord Clive started this puja.

  23. 24th September 1998

  24. What is sacrificed to Durga in the puja of Royal family of Coachbehar ?
    A human statue made rice dust.

  25. What is so special about the puja of Panch Thupi in Murshidabad ?
    Seven goats are sacrificed to Devi & color of them are to be black.

  26. Ramkrishna Roy of the Roy family of Raspur Howrah stopped animal sacrifice in his family puja. What did he substitute with ?
    A garland is offered to Devi.

  27. Durga was given various weapons by various Gods. What did Kuber offer her ?
    A bottle of wine which she consumed fully before killing the demon

  28. Bon Durga is tribal form of Devi Durga who is not only worshipped as Goddess of power but also a source of something else. What is that ?
    Goddess of child care & welfare.

  29. 29th September 1998

  30. Name the Bengali theatre stage actress of last century who was popular for her roles played as Devi Durga .
    Khetromoni Devi. She used to play the role of Durga in the play Ravanbadh ( 1881 ) directed by none other than legendary Girish Ghosh.

  31. Devi Durga killed two more demons apart from Mahishashur. Name them.
    Chanda & Munda

  32. In which year Mahalaya program on AIR facilitated by Lata Mangeshkar & Uttam Kumar ?

  33. One former prime minister of India was once described as Devi Durga by other former prime minister. Who are they ?
    Indira Gandhi was described as Devi Durga by Atal Behari Vajpayee for her outstanding role in 1971 Bangladesh war against Pakistan.

  34. Durga is worshipeed with music & songs in royal family of Vishnupur. Name two Indian classical ragas which are rendered to Devi in this family worshipping .
    Dhanashree raga & Malkosh raga.

  35. 30th September 1998

  36. The family puja of Kaminidasi at 83 B K Pal Avenue in north Calcutta is popular by an interesting name. What is that name ?
    The puja is knowns as “Kach Kaminir Thakur pujo “.The puja was started nearly 100 years ago by one lady named Kaminimoni Dashi after making huge profit from glass business.

  37. The dey family idol of Durga at Gopal Mallik Lane in central Calcutta is different from any other family idol in the city. What is the unique about the idol ?
    Here the Goddess is seen with Lord Rama,Hanuman & Sugreeb.

  38. Which family puja in Calcutta is known as Bhuter Barir puja ( The puja of haunted house ) ?
    The Das family puja at Shakharitola lane. The house where the puja is performed were earlier used as hospital in colonial era.

  39. What special customs is followed at the family puja of Chatterjee at Chorbagan ?
    From Saptami to Dashami fish is offered to Devi as bhog.

  40. Which is the oldest community puja in Salt Lake city ?
    Puja of Vidyasagar Abasan Samity

  41. Two East India company top officials paid visit to Raja Nabakrishna Deb’s house as invitee .One was Lord Clive in 1757 .Name the other .
    Lord Bentink in 1829.

  42. On October 1999, Asian Age published my Durgotsab Quiz in their literary supplement. Since it was published one time, only 10 questions were included. I am including this quiz as an annexure to this page.

    The Asian Age Literary Supplement : October 1999
    - Durgotsav Quiz

  43. According to Krittivas Ojha’s Bengali Ramayana Devi Durga saved life of Ram & Laxman by helping Hanuman who killed one of the bravest son of Ravana. Name this son of Ravana.

  44. Name one distinguished criminal group of last century who used to worship Devi Bhavani ( a form of Durga ) as their trade Goddess.
    Thagis – they were the terror of central India till the time they were tactfully crushed by British administrator.

  45. From this year ( 1999) a new puja award named Puja Utkarsha Sanman will be given to the organizers.What is so special about the award ?
    It will be judged by 12 students of South Point High school & 6 from M P Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School.

  46. The family puja of Dhar in Bowbazar is 320 years old.What special customs is followed in this puja ?
    No member of the Dhar family is allowed to touch the image as Dhar family by caste is subarnabanik who are not counted sacred to touch the image of the God.

  47. Which classic Sanskrit epic written by Kalidas contains the story of Shiva & Parvati’s wedding & the birth of their son Kartikeya ?

  48. Why alta, churuni ( comb), keshtel ( hair oil ) & fite ( hair band ) are offered to Devi Durga during Durga puja.
    It is because in Bengal Durga is not only worshipped as mother but also as a daughter.All these are the token of affection to a daughter from her parents.

  49. Name the muslim singer who gained huge popularity in Bengal for singing Agomoni gaan (devotional songs dedicated to Durga) in 1914 ?.
    Md Kashem. He used a hindu name K Mullick on the disc title since the official of The Gramophone Company of India ( HMV ) had an apprehension that people will not accept Hindu devotional songs in the voice of a muslim singer.

  50. From which year the Mahishashur Mardini the famous musical programme of All India Radio started ?
    From 1932.On that year it was broadcasted on the Mahashashti ( 6th day of navaratri ) day.Later on it was changed to the day of Mahalaya.

  51. Why did community puja in Calcutta increase at a massive rate in 1926 & again in 1946 ?
    In both the year communal riot broke out in Calcutta between Hindus & Muslims.Many community puja were started to establish unity among Hindus.

  52. Accordingly to Valmiki Ramayana Himalaya is the father of Parvati. Who is her mother as per the same book ?