A quiz on Mahatma Gandhi & the press

The Statesman : 14th January 1999

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  1. From which city Mahatma Gandhi started Young India ?

  2. Nathuram Godse, the man who killed Gandhi used to edit one periodical. Name it.
    Hindu Rashtra

  3. Name the son of Mahatma Gandhi who later on became editor of The Hindustan Times
    Debdas Gandhi

  4. Which Indian newspaper did not publish the assassination news of Mahatma Gandhi on it’s front page ?
    The Hindu from Madras – it is because in those days only advertisement used to appear on the front page of this newspaper.

  5. I am a world famous journalist who was born in Philadelphia in USA.In 1896 I was the chief correspondent of The Nation in USSR, Gernany & Spain.In 1942 I came to India to meet Gandhi.I wrote the book “ Gandhi & Stalin “ & Gandhi : His life & message for the world.Who am I ?
    Luis Fisher

  6. Mahatma Gandhi once described a English newspaper as “Amrita”. Which newspaper it was ?
    Amrita Bazar Patrika

  7. Which newspaper by inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi on 15th September 1924 in Delhi ?
    The Hindustan Times.

  8. Who was the United Press International’s Indian correspondent to flash the news of Gandhi’s assassination on 30th January 1948 ?
    James Michaels ( who went on to become the editor of Forbes magazine). His headline read “Gandhi assassinated – soul of India shot down by fanatic."

  9. It was 18th October 1908 when Gandhi’s name first appeared in the editorial of The Statesman. What was the heading of the editorial?
    Gandhi arrives