House full screening - A Quiz on Calcutta Cinema House

The Statesman : 8th June 1996
(Click on the questions to know the answers)


  1. Which company established the first cinema hall ia Calcutta?
    Madan Company.

  2. Name the cinema hall which was named by Rabindranath Tagore?

  3. What was the old name of ‘Roxy’ cinema?
    Old Empire.

  4. Name the first Bengali film released in ‘Metro’ cinema?
    Chandranath(1957)starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen.

  5. Which cinema hall building looks more like a ‘fish’on aerial view?

  6. Who inaugurated Chitra(Now called Mitra)cinema hall?
    Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

  7. There is a cinema hall in Calcutta which was earlier used as the editorial office of a Famous Calcutta based English daily.Name the cinema hall and the daily.
    The Metro cinema building at Chowringhee Road was once the office of The Statesman.

  8. There is a English newspaper office in Calcutta which was once a cinema hall. Name the cinema hall and the daily.
    The office of The Asian Age was once a cinema house called Janata Cinema.

  9. Who named ‘Nandan’?
    Satyajit Ray.

  10. Name the only cinema hall in Calcutta ,which is named after a movie star.
    Chaplin-it was popularly known as Minerva.

  11. In 1939 ,’Exhibitors Syndicate Limited’built a cinema hall in north Calcutta. Name it.

  12. In which year ‘Light House’was opened to cine-goers?

  13. This cinema hall is the first cinema house in South Calcutta. It was inaugurated in 1920. Rabindranath Tagore directed ‘Natir Puja’ here in 1932. In 1927 it changed its name. Can you guess?
    Purna cinema hall(formerly known as Rasa).

  14. Satyajit’s Ray’s documentary film ‘Sikkim’which was later banned was released for a few days in a cinema.Name it.
    Priya Cinema.

  15. Which road in Calcutta has the maximum number of cinema halls?
    Bidhan Sarani.It has seven cinema houses.