A Quiz on Indian Prime Ministers

The Statesman : 24th June 1999

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  1. Name the only Prime Minister of India who was a commerce student in his university days ?
    Indar Gujral

  2. Which state gave India maximum number of PMs?
    Uttar Pradesh – total 8 of them came from UP

  3. Which former PM of India was a painter?
    Vishwanath Pratap Singh

  4. Which former PM of India found a place in Guinness Book of world record & why?
    P V Narshima Rao – he won the election from Nandial in 1991 with record margin.

  5. Once Jawaharlal Nehru praised the oratory of an young MP by remarking that one day he will become a prime minister ans indeed that young man later on became PM of India.Who was he ?
    Atal Behari Vajpayee

  6. What is common among these 3 former PMs – Narshima Rao,VP Singh & Devgouda ?
    Each of them was chief minister of their respective state before becoming PM.

  7. Name of our two former PM mean same – who are they
    Indira & Rajiv – both mean lotus.

  8. Name the only PM who did not know Hindi ?
    H D Devgouda

  9. "Who am I a mere prime minister infront of this melody queen"…….whom Nehru refered here ?
    M S Shubhalaxmi