A Quiz on Streets, lanes, bylanes & bridges of Calcutta

Amrita Bazar Patrika : 15th October 1995

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  1. Name the only lane in Calcutta which is named after a famous auditorium ?
    Star Lane – named after Star Theatre.The lane is one the back side of Star Theatre in north Calcutta.

  2. There is a road in Calcutta which has only one house on it. Name the road & the famous house ?
    Queen’s way & the only building on it is none other than Victoria Memorial Hall.

  3. In Calcutta where we can find Kavi Kokil Vidhyapati Setu ?
    This is the name of Sealdah flyover.

  4. Which street has the privilege of having first electrically illuminated road of Calcutta ?
    Harrison Road now known as Mahatma Gandhi Road .

  5. In central Calcutta there is a street called Madan Street.After whom it was named ?
    J F Madan – one of the pioneer of Indian Cinema business.

  6. What was the old name of the Park Street ?
    Burial Ground Road – later on it was named after a deer park situated on the same road.

  7. Which is the longest road of Calcutta ?
    AJC Bose formelly known as lower Circular Road is the longest road in Calcutta.

  8. During the British Raj Indians were not allowed to walk on the Red Road. Who was the first Indian to protest against the practice & forced the British to abolish such a norm ?
    Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee then vice chancellor of Calcutta University.

  9. Kabi Sukanta Sarani connects two very important road of Calcutta. Name the 2 roads ?
    It connects Beleghata Main Road & Moulan Azad Sarani.

  10. In Calcutta where one can find Eden Hospital road ?
    This road is between College Street & Central Avenue

  11. What is the new name of Southern Avenue ?
    Meghnath Saha Sarani.

  12. Name the only square in Calcutta which is named after a movie star ?
    Chaplin Square – it is located in front of Calcutta Municipal building.

  13. Which road of Calcutta is named after legendary P C Barua ?
    Ballyganj Circular Road.

  14. Name the road sandwiched between Calcutta University & Hare school ?
    P C Sorcar Sarani

  15. In Calcutta where one can find Mohan Bagan Lane ?
    This lane is just next to Darpana cinema- Mohan Bagan club was formed in a house of this narrow lane in 1889.