I have often indulged myself into the habit of thinking out loud. In todays hectic life it is difficult to jot down daily or even weekly your inner thought and feelings. Thus, sometimes my inner feelings comes out with sudden gust when I cannot hold on to them inside my inner self.

And what are these feelings and thoughts? Not much really. Sometimes I get thoughtful about events which I have seen in the past happening in my country. Or it may be some opinion of mine about a personality which I voiced in a gathering. Actually in our daily life we come across so many thoughts which we keep aside as unimportant and put them at the bottom of our priority list.

So I have decided to keep a record of such treasured not so important thoughts and opinions as and when possible. For this I have decided to start a blog. At present I have decided to maintain the blog in a third party facility widely known as wordpress. If I can continue blogging in a regular manner, may be in near future I will start maintaining a blog inside my website itself.

Till then I will continue blogging at http://www.somensengupta.wordpress.com. Check out my entries and you are welcome with your comments.