The paper & the people : A quiz on The Statesman

The Statesman : 7th January 1999.

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  1. Who established “The Friends of India” from which is directly descended The Statesman ?
    Robert Knight.

  2. Before having it’s own office building at 4 Chowringhee Square The office of the The Statesman was situated in the another building on Chowringhee road which is now used as a separate purpose.Which building is this ?
    Metro Cinema hall

  3. Who laid the foundation stone of The Statesman House in Calcutta on 9th December 1931 ?
    Viceroy, Earl of Wellingdon

  4. Who was the architect of The Statesman House in Calcutta ?
    Ballardie Thompson and Mathews

  5. When did the Delhi edition of the The Statesman commenced publishing ?

  6. Why is 27th July 1913 a memorable day in the history of The Statesman ?
    On this day the paper for the first time published a motoring supplement with photograph of motor car including cars outside the premises of the office.The Statesman Vintage Car rally concept was born out of that.

  7. An extra ordinary letter was published in The Statesman on 3rd June 1919.What was that ?
    The letter published an open letter written by Dr Rabindranath Tagore to the Viceroy where he has regretted that he had to return the knighthood after the ruthless & brutal mass murder of people in Jaliwanalabagh Punjab. 8.Ian Stephens.

  8. Name the courageous editor of The Statesman who risked his life to save many people in Calcutta during the communal riot known as The Great Calcutta Killing-1946 .
    Ian Stephens

  9. What was so special of The Statesman Christmas supplement in 1940 ?
    It contained an original English poem of Rabindranath Tagore written exclusively for The Statesman – it was poet’s last Christmas.