To describe my 'photographic skills' as even of a serious ametuer will be an embarrasment. I am a person who takes photographs merely for documentation of the places I visit. I do not have a great skill of composition, neither immense creativity. I love to cherrish my fond memories of visiting a destination through my photographs. Each place has its own story. I often chat with my friends for hours over a single photograph. The discussion runs with dialogues like "There was this old man in this temple who was surprised to see a city guy looking around in this deserted temple in such a remote village".

I have a simple point and shoot camera. In the following galleries I share with you photographs taken exclusively by me. For me these are not mere images but my fond memories of my travel stories.

Colonial Hill Stations
Terracotta Wonders
Forts & Palaces
Riverbanks, Lakes & Seashores
Ruins & Excavations
Forests & Deserts
Calcutta Durgotsav
Buddhist & Jain Relics
Delhi - New and Old
UNESCO Heritage