Apart from travelling, quizzing has been an activity very close to my heart. I have been quizmaster on a numerous occassions and have participated in many reputed quiz Shows. The effort I have given on conducting these quiz shows was not the same which I gave on documenting them. As a result I did not preserve any photograph of these shows to cherrish back my fond memories. However I do have with me some of the quizzes which got published mostly in The Statesman. Documenting them into softcopy is tedious. For now I am uploading some of these quizzes in these section. If you happen to browse this section of the website, you can try your hand on these. Meanwhile I will try to upoad some in the future.

The first three section are of Durga Puja Mega Quiz publshed by The Asian Age in 1996, 1997 & 1998 respectively. In 1996, soon after the Durga Puja Quiz in Asian age, another small Quiz on same subject followed in The Statesman. This has been included in the 1996 section. There was a Durga Puja Literary Supplement in The Asian Age in 1999 too, which I have included in the 1998 section. The other sections which follows are different quizes published in The Statesman, The Pioneer, Amrita Bazaar Patrika and The Asian Age in different years.

Durgotsav Quiz 1996
Durgotsav Quiz 1997
Durgotsav Quiz 1998-99
Indian Prime Ministers
On 100 years of cinema
The 5-Star connexion
Sports Quiz
Lanes, Bylanes & Bridges
Reel Sports
Netaji Centenery
Gandhi & The Press
The paper & the people
Between the fine print
College Collage
Silent sentinels
House full screening
Colonial Cousins