Reel Sports - A Quiz on co-existence of Cinema and Sports

The Statesman: 27th May,1995

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  1. Name the Olympic middle weight champion who played himself in the film The Greatest?
    Muhammad Ali.

  2. .Name the film directed by Michael Winner where we see the commercial and political exploitation of four athletics –an Englishman(Michael Crawford),an American(Ryan O”Neil),a Czech(Charles Aznavour)and an Australian aborigine(Athol Compton)-who are preparing for an Olympic Marathon.
    The Games(1970).

  3. Name the first silent film on baseball.
    His Last Game.

  4. Name the cartoon film by Walt Disney where we can find Donald Duck as a golfer.
    Donald”s Last Game.

  5. Alfred Hitchcock on two occasions made his main characters professional tennis players.Name the actors and the respective films.
    Fairly Granger in the film Strangers On A Train,and Ray Milland in the film Dial M For Murder

  6. Who was the director of the film Grand Prix, based on motor racing?
    John Frankenheimer.

  7. Name the film in which Charlie Chaplin placed golf in it”s social context.
    The Idle Class(1921).

  8. What is common to the following sports personalaties –Herman Brix(Olympic shot-put champion in 1928),the Glenn Moris(Olympic decathlon champion in 1936)and Don Bragg(Olympic pole vault champion in 1960)?
    All of them starred in different Tarzan films-The New Adventure Of Tarzan,Tarzan”s Revenge,and Tarzan and the Jewel of Opar respectively..

  9. “Johny Weissmiller played the lead in the film Tarzan”s Peril (1951)-is this statement correct?
    It was Len Barker ,the American football player ,and not Johnny Weismuller who played the role.

  10. Name the 400 m free-style gold medallist in the 1932 games who later played the lead role in the popular series Flash Gordon from 1936 to 1940.
    Larry “Buster”Crabbe

  11. She was a Norwegian ice skater and three times Olympic champion (1928,1932,1936).She later went on to star in successful Hollywood films like One in a Million,Thin Ice and My Lucky Star.Who is she?
    Sonja Henie.

  12. Which American actor who was to dance with “the finest legs in cinema”took part in the rowing events at the 1912 Games in Stockholm?
    Gene Kelly.

  13. Who played the role of a boxing referee in the film 'The Knockout'?
    Charlie Chaplin.

  14. Elvis Presley made a sports based in the fifties.Name the game.

  15. On whose life is the film Million Dollar Mermaid based ?
    Australian swimming and diving champion Annette Kellerman.

  16. In which film did Elizabeth Taylor play a young girl who goes on to win a major horse-riding competition ,but is subsequently disqualified for being too young?

  17. Ken Annam”s film Dawn tells the story of an Australian free-style champion (1956,1960and1964).Why else in this swimmer famous?
    Dawn Frazer was suspended for ten years by the Australian swimming federation for having taken a flag as a souvenir from the Imperial Palace in Tokyo in 1964

  18. In her last film Two Faced Woman ,Geta Garbo played a character connected with sports.What was her role?
    She played the role of a ski instructor

  19. Who produced the matchless documentary film Women in Sports(1982)?
    Dan Klugherz.