Hang on a second my friends. Make no mistake, I was never a full time reporter myself. I did few stories on Durga Puja for The Statesman and The Asian Age, took interviews of two eminent personalities for Amrita Bazar Patrika and had send a few significant letters to editor. However, these articles and letters are my prized possesion and when I decided to launch my personal website, i decided to share them with the world. Almost all of them are wtitten during the 1990's , when I had just started testing my writing skills by sending my creations to the big name.

Please take your time and go through each of them. May be all the topics will not be of your interest, but I assure you that each of these writeup portrays the enthuism of a person who eventually had found out some time for his fancy from the daily struggle for existance.


A Glorious Saga
Mahatma & a ravaged city
This Pathan fights for temples
Sense of Heritage
The Puja with a different rule
Myraid faces of the Goddess
Less Lights, More social work


Kabir Suman
Anjan Datta

Letters to the Editor

Gen-Next thrives on ignorance :

Sir – this is with the reference with the report “ Sourav, Dravid can not be role models : Rajnath ( 18th March ).The BJP president is reported to have remarked that these two cricketers hardly worthy of emulation by the younger generation.Mr Singh has made a bold statement & I entirely agree with him.The group is shockingly weak in general knowledge & largely ignorant about the history of our freedom struggle.Nine years ago an English language daily conducted a survey among young people in Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkata,Chennai & Bangalore. It revealed that majority of the student do not know the significance of 26th January.Some of them are under the impression that Muslim League is a football club ! And that partition was a brain child of General Dyre of Jaliwanalabagh.Not many of them are aware of the fact that Bengal was also partitioned along with Punjab in 1947.The four freedom fighter they have head of are Jawaharlal Neheru,Gandhi, Netaji & Bhagat Singh.Most of them have not heard of Jinha, still less of Allan Octavian Hume.No wonder they are under the impression that the Indian National Congress was founded by Gandhi.The survey also revealed that the student spend their pocket money not on books but on cloths, eating out,electronics goods & mobile phones.

The BJP president has rightly pointed out that a film star or a cricketer is no more than an entertainer.

( Published in The Statesman – 28th March 2006 )

The New Fare :

Thank you for the wonderful new Miscellany.The rot in our school system was thoroughly exposed in the story ( The cover feature ‘ End of Innocence “ , June 14 ) which identified the major ills.Scools now have become the status symbol for parents.

We all know that education is a big business but still choose to steer clear of tacking the problems.It is ironic that educational qualification has become the only criterion for social acceptability.Thank you for opening our eyes to this shameful situation.

( Published in The Statesman – 12th July 1992 )

Behind the death :

I was profoundly moved to read the story on Swapan Chakravarty’s life ( Behind the event “ Briefly noted “ July 19).Most of us were well aware of the manner in which Chakravary died, but the story unearthed the details of the man as a human being which never made news.The picture of Chakravarty with his family indicated the happy married life that he used to lead.

The last paragraph captured the tragedy best by saying that the police constable who killed Chakravarty did not know his plan to make his son an engineer.

Thanks a lot for the story.

( Published in The Statesman – 2nd August 1992 )

Swim Back :

Your piece on Arati Saha ( Tribute – “ Against the Tide “ November 1 ) made for delightful reading.The story of her palmy days as the queen of Indian aquatics, when she became the first Asian women to swim across the English channel was told arrestingly. Little did we know of the hurdles she encountered to put her country & her sex on the top of the world.Her success story should be a model for Indian sports persons of today & tomorrow.

( Published in The Statesman – 13th December 1992 )