Sports Quiz

Amrita Bazar Patrika: 23rd April,1995

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  1. Which World cup legend”s autobiograthy is titled "Banks of England?"
    Gordon Bank”s autobiography is titled "Banks of England."

  2. Most of the balls used in the 94 World Cup had been made in a certain country.Which country?
    Pakistan was the country which made most of the balls for USA-94.

  3. Who won the US National Singles in 1968(incidentally ,he was the first black male to do so )and the Wimbeldon singles in 1975?
    Arthur Ashe.

  4. In which country did ice hockey originate?
    Ice Hockey originated in Canada.

  5. When was the first World open championship is squash held?

  6. What does the word Karate mean?
    The word Karate in Japanese means open hand.

  7. Which two countries took part in the first ever Davis Cup match?
    Great Britain and the United States took part in the first ever Davis Cup match.

  8. What was the Australion Open earlier known as?
    The Australasian Championship.

  9. In Judo what is a blackbelt holder called?
    A black belt holder in Judo is called a Yudansha.

  10. What was unique about the first Test match between India and England at Eden Gardens in February,1993?
    When the English team was fielding ,every player of the fielding side was from a separate country.

  11. Who became the first non-Japanese to win an official Sumo wrestling championship?
    Jesse Kuhaulua .He is now a Japanese citizen.

  12. Which Liverpool footballer is nicknamed The Silent Killer?
    Ian Rush is nicknamed The Silent Killer.

  13. For which Brazilion football club did Pele play from thr age of 15?

  14. Name the first Indian female International master in Chess?
    Rohini Kadikar.

  15. When and where was the first shooting club formed?
    The first shooting club was formed in 1466 in Switzerland.