The 5-Star connexion- A Quiz on India 's Star Hotels and Restaurants

The Statesman: 20th April 1996

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  1. Which was the first star hotel in India?
    Taj Mahal Hotel,Bombay which opened in 1903.

  2. Mahatma Gandhi once spent a night at a five star hotel in Calcutta.Name it.
    The Oberoi Grand.

  3. Umesh Chandra Banerjee ,the first President of Indian National Congress was a major share holder of which five-star hotel?
    Great Eastern Hotel,Calcutta.”

  4. Name India’s first drive-in restarant.
    Woodlands drive in Restaurant ,Madras which opened in 1962.

  5. Which five star hotel displays a copy of English Grammer and Composition written by Wren and Martin in their advertisement?
    The Surya(New Delhi).

  6. Which city of India has the maximum number of five star hotels?
    New Delhi(Eleven five star deluxe and six five star hotels).

  7. ‘Luxury will not cost you the earth’-this punch line is used by which group of hotels?
    Ashoke Group of Hotels.

  8. If you find Taj Karamandal in Madras and Taj Bengal in Calcutta,Where will you find ‘Taj West End’?

  9. What was the old name of Park Sheraton,Madras?
    Adyar Park Hotel.

  10. Hotel Holiday Inn Bangalore has an exclusive business section.Name it.
    Club Select.

  11. What is common to Pink Elephant and Anti Clock?
    These are the discotheques of The Oberoi Grand and Hotel Hindusthan International in Calcutta respectively.

  12. According to the equity base, which is India’s largest hotel group?
    East India Hotels.

  13. Why does Ashok hotel (new Delhi)hold a special importance in the history of India’s hotel industry?
    It is the first five star deluxe hotel of India opened on 30th October,1956.

  14. Which historic palace of Rajasthan has turned a five star hotel?
    The Lake Palace, Udaipur.

  15. Which restaurant claims that they are the pioneer of kabab in India?
    Nizaam Restaurant ,Calcutta.

  16. Which is India’s first coffee and cyberwonders shop?
    Cybercafe at Leela Kempinski Hotel,Bombay.

  17. Name the five star hotel in New Delhi where many guests were burnt to death in a fatal fire broke out in 1984?
    Hotel Siddharth Intercontinental.

  18. Who was the founder of East India Hotels?
    Mohan Singh Oberoi..

  19. Name the first restaurant in Bombay which prepare only fish dishes?
    Only Fish.

  20. Which Indian hotel won ‘Sword of Honour’ given by British Safety Council in 1994?
    Maurya Sheraton Hotel and Towers,New Delhi.